Thursday, September 27, 2018

Driving Tips

The absolute most important tip to remember is to never drink and drive. Alcohol will impair your ability to drive properly and puts you and everyone else on the roads at a greater risk of an accident occurring.

If you must head out on the streets, you must take extra care while driving. Remember even if you are sober, there are plenty of drivers on the street who are not. Here are some tips to help get you home safely.

  • Be Extra Cautious. If you are going to drive, you must be extra cautious and pay close attention to the other drivers. Always be prepared to make sudden stops. Be extra caution at intersections, even those with streetlights. Also, stay a good distance from the cars in front of you, so you have time to react.
  • Always Wear Your Seat Belt. You should always wear your seat belt when driving, but be especially vigilant on holidays such as New Year’s Eve and insist that everyone in the car buckle up.
  • Stick to the Speed Limit. Not only will the police be out in full force, but driving too fast may reduce your ability to react quickly if necessary.
  • No Distractions. You need to have all eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. Put away your cell phone, do not have the music up too loud, and avoid any other types of distractions.
  • Do Not Drive Sleepy. You should never drive when you are extra tired. If you know that you will be driving home late, try to get a nap before heading out for the night.
  • Have a Backup Plan. Always have a back-up plan in place. Keep some important numbers in your pocket just in case you need to call for a ride.

Driving Alternatives

If you are planning to drink, it is important to make alternative arrangements to help you get home safely. Here are several options you can use to avoid drinking and driving.
  • Have a Designated Driver in Place
  • Use a Taxi or a Car service to take you home.
  • Use Public Transportation
  • Plan to Stay Overnight. Many venues offer overnight packages or shuttle service to a nearby hotel.
  • Sober Rides. This program will come to your location and drive you home in your car.
  • Tipsy Tow. This program will help take you home and tow your car within ten miles.
All of these driving tips  can help make sure you get home safely. If you must drive, please use extreme caution. If you are going to drink, leave your car at home for the evening. This will keep you and all the other drivers on the road safe. Otherwise, you risk damaging your car, injury, or taking a life.
Written by Pamela Garcia. Pamela loves to write and spend time with her family in Maine.

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